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Welcome to my website. The Suitcase is the first book in my Hansen Series of mystery-thrillers and I’m making it available FREE for a short while. To send you a copy I need your email address.  I promise not to give it to anyone.





THE SUITCASE: Getting into bed with your aunt can turn a young man’s head.  David Paget didn’t see himself as a toy boy and he didn’t think of Sue Lynne as a cougar.  That was his first mistake.  His second came when he agreed to collect a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it to Australia.  Sue Lynne said it contained family memorabilia ─ old photographs and that sort of thing.  David thought the contents were too old to be dangerous … and that was his third mistake.

The suitcase contained dark secrets.

From the moment he opened it there was no turning back. The past rushed out like an evil genie from a bottle.  Events moved with frightening speed and David was propelled on a mad dash, through the vastness of Australia, pursued by hired killers.

‘Mike Dixon offers a taste of Australian history, geography, political intrigue, assassins and blackmail. With non-stop action, he mixes historical fact with fiction. His carefully-crafted plot keeps the reader guessing until the final pages.  Five stars out of five.’  (ForeWord Clarion Review, USA).