The Emerald Buddha (0)


WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE:  The Emerald Buddha is the fourth in my Hansen Series of mystery-thrillers and I’m making it available FREE for a short while. To send you a copy I need your email address.  I promise not to give it to anyone.


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Emeral Buddha colour enhanced_edited-1THE EMERALD BUDDHA:   If something seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Erica should have remembered that when she agreed to take up an exciting job offer.  Her talents were needed to track down a gang of thieves who were stealing ancient Buddhist treasures.  Her knowledge of the Tibetan language would be put to use and she would be returning to a part of the world that fascinated her.    She might even get in a bit of rock climbing.

It looked so straightforward at first. She met some amazing people and got to like them.  Then she realised there was far more to the case than a missing Buddha.  A web of intrigue was closing around her.  All her skills were needed to stay alive and protect her new friends.

‘A story of political power, family liaisons, lust and intrigue. Mike Dixon takes us back to China’s Cultural Revolution then catapults us into the modern age.  The past has not gone away.  It lives on, in a secret place, ready to re-emerge and upset the plans of the rich and famous.’ (Winterford Reviews UK).