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I started my working life as an astrophysicist, became a government officer, moved to public relations and entered the tourist industry via my hobby, scuba diving. I made more money out of tourism than any of my other ventures but it wasn’t easy. In this FREE EBOOK I give advice on how to make the Sea Change from a salaried job to tourism.

I’m now retired and have time for travel and writing. One of my genres is mystery thriller: hence the girl with the gun.

Sea Change is short.  Don’t rush through it.  Think around the issues that I raise.  They are based on over twenty years’ experience.

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 I have copies of Sea Change in PDF, epub and mobi (kindle) formats.  To send them to you I need an email address.  I promise not to give it to anyone or pester you with advertising.  CLICK TO RECEIVE A COPY: