Deadly Embrace

Lawyer A

Guess why it’s called the Lawyer Vine?

I become entangled with one in the North Queensland rainforest and took this picture after I had escaped its clutches.

Don’t be fooled by those who want to call it a Loya Vine.  They are covering up for a profession that has developed an evil reputation for latching onto innocent passersby and refusing to let go.  Our grandfathers got the spelling right.

The Lawyer Vine has razor-sharp hooks that dig into flesh and are as difficult to untangle as fishing hooks.  Forcing a way through an area where it grows is next to impossible.  There’s a lesson here for anyone thinking of hiring a lawyer to sue a lawyer.

If a name change is needed then Lawyer Palm would be appropriate.  The big difference between it and other palms is that the Lawyer keeps on growing and develops a very vine-like structure.  Specimens as long as 100 metres have been recorded.


Lawyer B_edited-1

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